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Now more than ever before, the Internet is accessible to the world. Look around you: people sit in restaurants and parks, iPhones and BlackBerries in hand, searching for places to eat and hotels for the weekend. If you need a plumber to fix your sink or a lawyer to help you draw up papers, do you reach for that musty, thick phone book in the bottom kitchen cabinet? No, you're on your laptop or PDA, calling up Google to do a search.

Virginia SEO ServicesFact is, if somebody is using Google or Yahoo to find the service or product you provide and you're not on the first page of results, you may not be found at all. This is business, and income, that goes to your competitors. All the bells and whistles on a high-end Web site, all the "tweets" and updates to Facebook status mean nothing unless your online presence is properly optimized to be found immediately in search.

CINIVA Systems specializes in search engine optimization for Virginia businesses and organizations. Our proven methodology has helped many of our clients stay on top of search results for Virginia and the nation. Effective, white hat techniques, solid content management and pay per click consultation are among the tactics we employ to keep our clients on the front page. We can do the same for you. We approach on-site optimization of website using three key factors:

Validation: If you have an existing site, we'll initiate a thorough inspection of each page's code for online cleanliness and relevancy. Some SEO experts may downplay the importance of META data and ALT tags on images, but as long as search engines still employ the META description for site descriptions in results, we contend they're still worth a look. We'll check the health of your site's code to make sure nothing is in there to discourage search crawlers from mining your information and indexing it.

Submission: These days it almost seems unnecessary to physically submit a site to Google - with some clients we've been amazed with how quickly their sites appeared in search results so soon after launch. However, submission isn't limited to sending a URL to a search engine and hoping for the best. There still remain a number of relevant online directories that accept new URL information, and CINIVA can help you ascertain which directories should include your site among them. We'll handle the research and sort out the legitmate, high PageRank sites from the dubious free for all link farms to build legitimate inbound linking.

Syndication: Look around you, everybody has an iPhone or BlackBerry in hand, calling up news wires and micro-sites for immediate information. Depending on the nature of your business, if you need to update frequently it's necessary to give your Web site RSS capability to syndicate your news to aggregators worldwide. CINIVA Systems can help you determine the best method for RSS or XML functionality - web log or podcast feeds, social media, or customized news wires.

Don't languish on page ten of Google results. Be seen, be ranked, be a success! Please fill out the form below to arrange a free SEO consultation for your Virginia business website. We will respond within the business day and hopefully get you started on a fast climb to the top of search results.

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